Letter from Darlene Jevne, Director

"I will do everything possible to
ensure students' success and happiness."

Dear Parents:

I founded St. Christopher Academy in 1982 for my son and four other boys. My goal was to offer all children the opportunity to succeed.

I understand the problems your child has had trying to cope with his/her learning disabilities. With a supportive environment and a challenging program, your child can achieve!

I can truly understand the feelings of helplessness and frustration that you as parents go through. We can help your child find those successes that have eluded him for so long, and to develop the skills necessary for him to meet college and life head-on.

The goal of St. Christopher Academy is to provide programs that allow every child to learn in his or her own style and at his or her own rate. We offer an individual academic program within a group setting. This allows for individuality and at the same time allows for social growth and development among peers.

Giving all children the opportunity to reach their full potential has been my life-long commitment. I will do everything possible to ensure their success and happiness.

St. Christopher Academy is not equipped to meet the needs of children with serious emotional or behavioral disorders, but we do offer diagnostic/educational testing.

We invite you to visit the Academy, see the classes, and talk with the students, staff, and our parents to get a more personal view of St. Christopher Academy and what we offer our students. St. Christopher Academy is located in the beautiful Northwest. We invite you and your teenager to visit our campus. Please give me a call, I am here to help.


Darlene Jevne, A Founder and Executive Director
St. Christopher Academy

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