Dear Prospective Family and Student,

Our family had a very positive experience at St. Christopher's School. Ms. Darlene Jevne is an outstanding professional and her warm and dynamic personality won us over from the moment we walked into her office. Ms. Jevne and her experienced staff were very welcoming to our daughter and made her feel comfortable and supported. And just as importantly, they designed an educational curriculum that allowed her to succeed and feel confident in her abilities. The staff at St. Christopher's gets to know each student personally. Once your child is enrolled at St. Christopher's you can be assured that they will get the attention they need and will gain valuable studying and learning tools that will help them be successful throughout their lives.

To quote our daughter, "Darlene is great with all kinds of young people and can get them involved and gain their respect. The staff at St. Christopher's will be your biggest advocates and take the time necessary to make sure every student learns."

Our family wholeheartedly supports St. Christopher's School.

Stephanie Solien and Frank Greer

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