October 19, 2011
Marcia and Richard Kelbon
2655 SW Sylvan Heights
Seattle, WA 98101
Re: St. Christopher Academy

To whom it may concern,

Our son graduated from St. Christopher Academy (St. Christopher Academy) at Seattle Lutheran High School in the spring of 2011, and now attends a community college in Washington on a baseball scholarship.  Completion of his last three years of high school at St. Christopher Academy is what enabled our son, who has learning disabilities, to graduate High School and be prepared for college. We are writing to express our unconditional support and faith in Darlene Jevne and the St. Christopher Academy program. Ms. Jevne is a remarkable educator, and her vision, curriculum, patience and integrity have made a tremendous difference in the life of our son and many other students.

Prior to attending St. Christopher Academy, our son attended a large public school. He was failing, in school and other key aspects of life, despite considerable and consistent parent tutoring and support. Our son had an established 504 plan, but it was poorly implemented and wholly ineffective. Searching for alternatives, we interviewed Ms. Jevne and learned about St. Christopher Academy.

Our experience with St. Christopher Academy was 100% positive. It took a bit of time, and as expected there were some minor setbacks, but as our son realized he could succeed in school, we saw his confidence, self esteem and overall happiness improve significantly. Each year his scores on standardized tests steadily increased, particularly in writing and math. In his Junior year, he did well enough on the SAT and ACT to confirm that college was a possibility.

It is the support and education that our son received at St. Christopher Academy that turned him from a failing student to a college student with a promising future. We are pleased to recommend the St. Christopher Academy program.

Marcia and Richard Kelbon

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