January 14, 2008

To Whom It May Concern

This is a letter of support for St. Christopher Academy and Director Darlene Jevne. Almost two years ago we met Directory Jevne through an effort in seeking academic assistance for our son. Our son had struggled in public schools from about the third grade. Through testing we discovered he was learning disabled. We attempted to work with the public school staff to address his needs over the next several years. There was some marginal success. When he reached high school his learning differences became overwhelmingly apparent. he became a failing student with all the associated feelings of anger and self-worthlessness. Yet we knew he was an intelligent, capable, young man.

Since the school district was insensitive to the learning needs of our son, we concluded a different environment was necessary. This is what lead us to St. Christopher's Academy. We had two interviews with Director Jevne. From the start it was clear that she was very experienced in in addressing kids with learning differences. More than that, she had proven history of success. The relief we felt through her confidence gave us encouragement for our son. In a subsequent interview , we presented Director Jevne with the results of a formal Psycho-Educational Evaluation that had been completed on our son. The Evaluation consisted of a variety of test to identify his learning strengths and weaknesses. Director Jevne was familiar with all of these tests, and easily identified a strategy to put our son on a course for success.

Our son is in his second year at St. Christopher's Academy. He has progressed substantially. He is currently a better than 3.0 GPA student. More importantly, he has developed a desire to be at school. He has learned that he is capable, and does have the responsibility of meeting the academic expectations set forth by Director Jevne. His self-esteem and self-confidence have returned. We have never heard him say "I can't do it" since he has been at St. Christopher's Academy. It is just the opposite. He speaks of becoming an A student, and talks of going on to college. Such a positive change is something we had hoped for. It is a direct result of Director Jevne and her staff.

We sincerely recommend St. Christopher Academy to any family. They truly work miracles in young peoples lives. They did so for our son and we are forever indebted.


Rodger and Dona Kellams

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