January 15, 2008

Re: Recommendation for St. Christopher Academy

January 15, 2008

To Whom It May Concern

I am writing you on behalf of St. Christopher Academy where my son has been a student since September 2007. Although he is relatively new to the school, I had been researching St. Christopher's for three years prior to his enrollment and had the program included younger children, he would have been a student from the 6th grade on.

My son is an extremely bright ADD child who was failing in the public school system, both academically and socially. By the seventh grade his self esteem was extremely low and we were starting to see behavior problems as well as academic issues. He was "brutalized" (his special education teacher's words) by his regular classroom teachers as he was viewed as lazy and unresponsive to their instruction. School did not feel like a safe, inviting place for him as he was often taunted by other kids and misunderstood by his teachers. He was beginning to make very poor choices about his behaviors in an effort to fit in.

In the short time that my son has been at St. Christopher Academy we have seen his self esteem begin to build. He is making more of an effort academically and his grades have improved. He has made a few positive friends and is beginning to socialize more and take an interest in school activities. I have seen him start to develop a sense of pride with his school and more importantly with himself.

Much of my son's recent success can be attributed directly to Darlene Jevne and her staff at St. Christopher Academy. They have created an environment that is conducive to learning and fostered a philosophy of inclusiveness for all students. Each child is held responsible for his own actions and consequences and guided in the understanding of the relationship between success and appropriate actions and behaviors. The educators teach in a way that is understandable for my son without compromising educational requirements. They have made learning fun for him and something that he now sees value in.

I would gladly recommend St. Christopher Academy for other parents looking for an educational alternative for their children.


Jill M. Reyes

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